Classroom Management Resources

Classroom Management Tools

Looking for a classroom contract? Time management tips for your students? Or maybe a peer-assessment rubric? They’re all here, along with related articles and other handouts and worksheets.

Assignment Log (PDF) – Keeps track of homework and encourages an assessment of the time it will take to complete.

Project Based Learning and CHARACTER COUNTS! (PDF) – This tool sets the stage for integrating the values of the Six Pillars of Character with the stages of project based learning.

Homework Contract (PDF) – Get parents involved in helping their children take responsibility for their learning. A three-way contract between teacher, student, and parent.

Class Rules Contract (PDF) – Emphasize the importance of promise-keeping and accountability.

Rubric: Modeling the Six Pillars of Character (PDF) – Developed by Kaweah High School in Exeter, CA, this rubric examines how well students model the Six Pillars of Character

Rubric: Demonstrating the Six Pillars of Character (PDF) – Developed by Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee, OK, this rubric examines how well students model the Six Pillars of Character

Rubric: Study Habits (PDF) – Developed by Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District in Vinton, IA, this rubric aligns students’ study habits with the Six Pillars of Character

Peer Assessment Rubric (PDF) – Taken from the Connect With Character product, a peer assessment on presentation skills.

Top Ten Time-Management Tips (PDF) – An excerpt from the CHARACTER COUNTS! Character Educator on effective time-management skills.

Secondary Discipline Referral Form (PDF) – A sample form, adapted from CC! Coalition samples, for secondary schools. Provides space for student reflection on the decision that resulted in the Pillar violation.

Elementary Discipline Referral Form (PDF) – A simple form, adapted from CC! Coaliton samples, for elementary schools clearly highlighting what behaviors are unacceptable under each of the Six Pillars of Character.

Tulare County Office of Education Parent Involvement (PPT) – Scans of slides referencing PTA standards and CHARACTER COUNTS! with notes.

Sample In-Use Referral forms

(developed by Belvedere Academy, Omaha, Nebraska)

Discipline Referral Form (PDF) – Used when students are referred to the principal’s office as a last measure for behavior infractions. The events leading up to the referral are explained, interventions taken by the teacher prior to the referral are checked, and space is provided for the student’s and parent’s signatures to ensure the reason for action is understood.

Discipline Letter Home (PDF) – Sent to parents of a child who has difficultly modeling one or more of the values of the Six Pillars of Character. The circumstances of the mis-behavior are explained in the letter and notification of a re-teaching session is given. The letter encourages the parents to discuss the situation at home, and to collaborate with the school in reinforcing the school behavior standards in the home.

Positive Behavior Referral Letter Home (PDF) – Sent to parents in acknowledgement of positive behavior exhibited by the student. A description of the events is written and parents are encouraged to discuss the positive behavior with their child and to praise and encourage them to continue demonstrating good character.