Generosity, forgiveness

Quotations: Generosity, forgiveness

I expect to pass through the world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer it, for I shall not pass this way again.
— Stephen Grellet, French/American religious leader (1773-1855)

Men are only great as they are kind.
— Elbert Hubbard, American entrepreneur and philosopher (founder of Roycroft) (1856-1915)

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher (1712-1778)

A kind word is like a spring day.
— Russian proverb

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
— Aesop, Greek fabulist (fl. 6th century B.C., possibly legendary)

Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers.
— Henri F. Amiel, Swiss writer (1821-1881)

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
— Edith Wharton, American novelist (1862-1937)

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.
— Frank A. Clark

The record of a generous life runs like a vine around the memory of our dead, and every sweet unselfish act is now a perfumed flower.
— Robert G. Ingersoll, American lawyer, politician and public speaker (1833-1899)

The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident.
— Charles Lamb, English essayist (1775-1834)

If you will think about what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself. Character is a by-product, and any man who devotes himself to its cultivation in his own case will become a selfish prig.
— Woodrow Wilson, 28th American president (1856-1924)

The best index to a person’s character is (a) how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can’t fight back.
— Abigail van Buren (Pauline Esther Friedman), American newspaper advice columnist (1918-2002)

Character is much easier kept than recovered.
— Thomas Paine, British-born American political activist (1737-1809)

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist, playwright, scientist and philosopher (1749-1832)

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mohandas Gandhi, Indian nonviolent civil rights leader (1869-1948)

Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, public philosopher and poet (1803-1882)

All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.
— Lord Byron, English poet (1788-1824)

Happiness is knowin’ you’ve done a good job, whether it’s professional or for another person.
— Elvis Presley, American rock ‘n’ roll icon (1935-1977)

See to do good, and you will find that happiness will run after you.
— James Freeman Clarke

We can really respect a man only if he doesn’t always look out for himself.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German playwright, poet, novelist (1749-1832)

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.
— Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd American President (1882-1945)

True happiness lies in giving to others.
— Indian proverb

It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.
— Leo Buscaglia, author and university professor (1924-1998)

You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.
— Ruth Smeltzer, American writer (1894-1950)

Write injuries in dust but kindnesses in marble.
— French proverb

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a month, get married. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.
— Chinese proverb

Unshared joy is an unlighted candle.
— Spanish proverb

He who allows his day to pass by without practicing generosity and enjoying life’s pleasures is like a blacksmith’s bellows: he breathes but does not live.
— Indian proverb

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
— The Most Rev. Dr. Desmond Tutu, first black South African Anglican Archbishop

Kindness begets kindness.
— Greek proverb

The most important thing in any relationship is not what you get but what you give…. In any case, the giving of love is an education in itself.
— Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady and social activist (1884-1962)

Be kind to those that meet you as you rise; you may pass them again as you fall.
— Irish proverb

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
— Mohandas Gandhi, Indian nonviolent civil rights leader (1869-1948)

An onion shared with a friend tastes like roast lamb.
— Egyptian proverb

The way to overcome the angry man is with gentleness, the evil man with goodness, the miser with generosity and the liar with truth.
— Indian proverb