Lesson Plan Bank

Lesson Plan Bank

Lessons are available for download in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to view these files which are available here. If you’re having difficulties with any of the materials, please email customerservice@charactercounts.org for further assistance. Please include specific details and your username to help expedite your issue.

  1. Be a Good Egg (PDF Download)
  2. Brush Up On Respect (PDF Download)
  3. Community Helpers (PDF Download)
  4. Kids for Character Pledge (PDF Download)
  5. Positive Mistakes (PDF Download)
  6. Putting the “Pi” in Pumpkin Pie (PDF Download)
  7. Sharing Our Surplus Stash (PDF Download)
  8. There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Pumpkin (PDF Download)
  9. Trust Throughout the Day (PDF Download)
  10. Understanding Points of View (PDF Download)
  11. What Can I Do if I’m Bullied (PDF Download)
  12. Who Needs My Help (PDF Download)

  1. A Fish Tale Fable (PDF Download)
  2. Back to School (PDF Download)
  3. Be Responsible – Make Your Own Good Luck (PDF Download)
  4. Character Scavenger Hunt (PDF Download)
  5. Being a Good Friend (PDF Download)
  6. Building Trust (PDF Download)
  7. Character Book (PDF Download)
  8. Financial Plans (PDF Download)
  9. Picture (more) Perfect (PDF Download)
  10. Recycling Responsibly (PDF Download)
  11. Rite Family Activity (PDF Download)
  12. Six Pillar Puzzle (PDF Download)
  13. Summer Activities (PDF Download)
  14. Values Jar (PDF Download)
  15. Walls of Respect (PDF Download)

  1. A Monument to Value (PDF Download)
  2. Back to School (PDF Download)
  3. Cara-What (PDF Download)
  4. Caring Coupons (PDF Download)
  5. Community Calendar (PDF Download)
  6. High Five (PDF Download)
  7. How to Clean Up an Oil Spill (PDF Download)
  8. Lunch-Bag Supply Drive (PDF Download)
  9. Making Fair Decisions (PDF Download)
  10. Making Your Own Recycled Paper (PDF Download)
  11. More of, Less of (PDF Download)
  12. Respect for Non-Native Students (PDF Download)
  13. Solution-Hero (PDF Download)
  14. The Art of Peacemaking (PDF Download)
  15. Where Does Bullying Happen (PDF Download)

  1. Addressing Bullying Behavior through The Six Pillars (PDF Download)
  2. Bully Busting (PDF Download)
  3. Cheating Hurts – Part 1 (PDF Download)
  4. Cheating Hurts – Part 2 (PDF Download)
  5. Cooperative Learning Duties (PDF Download)
  6. Dishonesty – Clues and Consequences (PDF Download)
  7. Energetic Citizenship (PDF Download)
  8. Filling the Jar (PDF Download)
  9. Guest Speaker (PDF Download)
  10. It’s Who I Am (PDF Download)
  11. Letter of Gratitude (PDF Download)
  12. Making Fair Decisions (PDF Download)
  13. Monitoring Negativity (PDF Download)
  14. Our Pet Project (PDF Download)
  15. Respect for Non-Native Students (PDF Download)
  16. Responsible Eating (PDF Download)
  17. Tolerance (PDF Download)

  1. A Thousand Words (PDF Download)
  2. Characters with Character – Responsible Decisions (PDF Download)
  3. Factoring Fast Food (PDF Download)
  4. Go Figure – Your Credit is Built on Trust (PDF Download)
  5. Keeping News Trustworthy (PDF Download)
  6. Making Fair Decisions (PDF Download)
  7. Making the Best Decision (PDF Download)
  8. Media Coverage (PDF Download)
  9. Peace Partners (PDF Download)
  10. Red Cross (PDF Download)
  11. Resolving Conflict (PDF Download)
  12. Respect for Non-Native Students (PDF Download)